International Shipcare

Layup Anchorage

International Shipcare's cold layup is in Brunei Bay - a secure and sheltered anchorage specifically approved by the Malaysian Government for the layup of ships and rigs.

The location is off the coast of Sabah and a short boat ride from the International Shipcare base in Labuan.

The anchorage enjoys favourable weather conditions as it is to the south of the typhoon belt and ships are anchored in 22m-30m of water with good holding conditions. The currents are no more than one knot allowing vessels to be moored safely to a single anchor.

Our layup anchorage can accommodate more than 80 vessels at any one time. Ships are safely anchored with a minimum distance of one nautical mile in any direction to the next vessel.


The town of Labuan also provides a base for the Malaysian armed forces, including the Navy and Air Force. This strong local presence of military personnel and patrols means the area is widely considered to be highly secure and safe from the threat of piracy. In fact, there have been no acts of piracy since International Shipcare launched its business in 1975.

Labuan also has a modern airport and regular flights provide convenient connections to international airports in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu.

There is also a shipyard in Labuan and an extensive maritime centre servicing the offshore oilfields of Sabah. Consequently, there are a wealth of shipping agents, equipment suppliers and engineering facilities to provide services for the vessels in our care.