International Shipcare

Layup Services

At International Shipcare we provide a bespoke service to suit the needs of our individual clients. We believe we are the best at what we do and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our customer's expectations are met.

We provide 24-hour on-board watch-keeping, which enables the entire crew to be repatriated providing significant cost savings to owners.

Our layup services are comprehensive and can be tailored to suit any specific ship or rig. Our flexibility and willingness to offer a bespoke maintenance service allows us to successfully layup all types of vessels. The four main areas of focus for effective layup are:

  • Engine room
  • Accommodation
  • Deck
  • Hull

Each of these areas has its own comprehensive layup programme. We provide an exhaustive work list for our routine maintenance schedules based on weekly and monthly timescales. These maintenance schedules are agreed in advance with the owner and we provide regular reports that keep owners informed about the condition of their vessel during layup.

Since 1975 International Shipcare, formerly known as BP Shipcare, has also nurtured close links and partnerships with leading local suppliers and engineering companies, so we can help to arrange any remedial or refurbishment work that may be required during the layup period.

Our layup services also comply with major Classification Society Guidelines and are accepted by insurance underwriters, allowing owners to benefit from reduced insurance premiums while their vessels are in the care of International Shipcare.

Routine maintenance usually involves the protection of machinery against static seizure, dehumidification of accommodation and the engine room, hull protection via strategically placed anodes and blanking of hull apertures, and appropriate protection for all external deck equipment.

In addition, we usually provide the following:
  • Dehumidification of spaces
  • External electrical power
  • Maintain safety system
  • Insulation testing of electrical equipment
  • Preserving equipment to manufacturer’s requirements
  • Turning of rotating machinery
  • Draining water system
  • Underwater inspection
  • Diamond mark
  • Blanking hull opening
  • Anode installation

Routine maintenance also covers lubrication, turning, greasing, sounding, humidity, cleanliness, insulation testing, safety and electrical activities. Our clients can access the members’ area of our website to stay updated about their vessel with comprehensive monthly reports, daily postings, photographs and videos. Our members’ portal allows all our clients to keep in touch and stay informed about their vessel's condition at all times.