International Shipcare

Company Profile

International Shipcare has grown into a first-class and cost-effective provider of ship and rig layup services.

We have been serving clients in all sectors of the marine, energy and offshore sectors since our formation in 1975, initially as part of the BP Group.

Formerly known as BP Shipcare, we initially focused on laying up BP's surplus shipping tonnage. But due to market demand for our layup expertise, we have expanded to provide first-rate services to third-party owners and operators. Our client list has grown over the years to include major operators in every sector of the marine, offshore and energy markets.

Our layup services provide a comprehensive solution for our clients and focus on preventing the deterioration of ship machinery, electrical equipment and vessel systems over medium to long-term periods. We deliver results through proven maintenance programmes specifically tailored to meet the requirements of each vessel and her owner. Our layup services offer ship owners and operators a significantly cheaper option than anchoring and maintaining an on-board crew and can be carried out for any duration no matter how long or short the term.

Over the past 35 years, International Shipcare has laid up a variety of vessels for some of the world's largest shipping and energy companies. We have successfully cared for and re-activated more than 300 vessels, from tankers to gas carriers and rigs to container ships.

Quality is our watchword and we adhere to a management system approved by Lloyds to the ISO 9001: 2008 standard. At International Shipcare, we want our customers to be reassured that their vessels are in the hands of a safe and experienced operator.

Our layup services are co-ordinated from our base in Labuan, off the Malaysian coast, and employ more than 100 people, including safety, security and watch-keeping staff. We also have an experienced and qualified team of marine engineers who oversee and maintain our clients' vessels.

Our base is overseen by a manager with extensive experience as a Chief Engineer working for a major oil company and LNG shipping company.

Our customers range from multinational ship owners and managers to international oil and mining companies and single ship-owning companies.

Every owner can be assured that their assets are in the best possible hands at International Shipcare.