International Shipcare


Safety is paramount at International Shipcare. We are 100% committed to HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, Environment) performance and it is an integral part of our operational culture.

Since setting up in business as part of the BP Group, the success of International Shipcare has been built on our stringent safety standards and everybody who works for us is responsible for getting HSSE right. We have a zero tolerance approach to safety and the health, safety and security of our employees and anybody who interacts with us is a critical factor in us continuing to thrive as a business.

Our employees are fully trained in emergency response and contingency planning. The layup anchorage is fully supported by the local military personnel and during the years that International Shipcare (including its time as BP Shipcare) has been operating in Brunei Bay there have been no major incidents, acts of terrorism or piracy.

All of our laid-up vessels are fully equipped with live communication and GPS services to enable the on-board crew to contact our base and other laid-up vessels. Our HSSEQ Manager is a qualified master mariner with more than 20 years of sea-going experience.